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  • I can't even imagine what she would be like now if she didn't have whatever personal issue that caused her seemingly instant weight loss around 2016- it always seemed like she was ahead of Ash as far as gaining, and looking at how massive Ash is now, I can only imagine what Kellie would be like now if things had gone her way.

  • I really hope she does more, the ssbbw industry is over saturated with none porn related content.


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  • Needless to say this was one huge and sloppy sandwich.

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  • Ash always seemed the less active of the two, and no doubt I think Kellie would have dealt better with being so heavy- but there's no such thing as a healthy 600lb person, and Kellie seems like she's living her best life- no doubt she made the right choices for her, and is still a total babe! When you look at Kellie now it's pretty apparent she's got some bizarre body dysmorphia going on because she still talks about herself like she's a massive woman when in reality she's clearly not and hasn't been for years now.