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Type 2 Diabetes is the most widely recognized of the three types in existence.

  • Do we keep the page as is, do we get rid of it altogether, or are there any changes you would like to see that would make it better? These days, the entirety of Juicy Secrets is being run and maintained by a staff of exactly two: Amanda Lynn, who valiantly posts and formats the stories, and keeps the site in fighting trim… and me, JetBoy, who edits incoming stories and seeks out archival material, then hands it to Amanda to post.

  • It has been a blast working in Studios.

  • Those willing to take the tough stance the difficult road having done all to stand as the see-saw shall break on many that have gone up and down one too many times and the center has become brittle and compromised.

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As for my fellow editor and story seeker PoppaBear, he has fallen out of sight; the last communication we received from him was weeks ago, and he has yet to respond to our increasingly concerned emails.

  • Thus says the Lord, Stop serving your own interests and your fallible and skewed vision of what is right and what is wrong, what is life and where life is not human, stop playing God and manipulating the laws of the land and aiding and abetting the most heinous of perpetrators and those with agendas that are far from roses and rainbows but it is bitter gall says the Spirit.

  • She hopes to write for us again someday, but has no plans beyond that.

  • God knows who he has chosen and what we need and He will be placed in the capital when the time is right.