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Ada Shelby & Tommy Shelby

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Peaky Blinders viewers are shocked as Polly’s toyboy lover performs sex act in very raunchy scene as crime drama returns

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Sophie Rundle

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Shelby hot ada Ada Shelby

Restaurant Manager GL Job Mentor Ohio USA,Restaurant/Food Service

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41 Hottest Pictures Of Sophie Rundle

As Labia, Rundle had to act as an obsessive fan of Matt LeBlanc who was the central character on the show.

  • Libras love peace and justice, and also crave being around other people.

  • She's intelligent, creative, and is often Tommy's voice of reason.

  • As such, he often acts on a whim and sometimes ends up causing some chaos.

Sophie Rundle hits her peak as Ada Shelby in 'Peaky Blinders'

So what happens when Ada gets enganged and Tommy realizes that his little sistes isn't so little anymore.

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  • As a Taurus, she keeps all the Shelby family members grounded and is a unique asset to their company.