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‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Flaunts Cheeky Bikini Pics, “Debbie Got Some Cake”

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Affidavit details stabbing death of mom in Colorado Springs home; two teens held

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Surely, she makes the most of her time when off the set.

  • I just did acting for fun, not actually to be an actor.

  • Now, she's ungrateful, egotistical, and thinks she knows it all.

  • Emma's Roseanne character, Harris, wants to make it farther in her life than both her grandparents and parents have.


The one thing that Emma Kenney has in common with her Shameless character, Debbie Gallagher, is that she knows how to speak her mind.

  • Hollywood is full of beautiful women.

  • However, Emma's recent storylines rival the real-life horrid home life stories of the cheeky Modern Family teen star herself.

  • You can't preach confidence, yet get mad when a girl or woman is confident in how she looks now, can you? Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

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